Expert Packing Tips to Make Your Long-Distance Move a Breeze

Expert Packing Tips to Make Your Long-Distance Move a Breeze

There has been record breaking movement of individuals and families pulling up stakes in their hometowns and heading to new territories to settle down and set out their roots. With so much activity, finding the right long-distance movers can be a real challenge. Even harder is preparing your treasured items and inherited pieces of furniture for the long haul.

That is why Step-By-Step movers are here to provide a few tips that will enhance your next moving experience. These Frisco movers are a professional team with years of experience carefully wrapping, storing, and transporting everything from your grandmother’s baby carriage to your son’s recent LED-lined day bed.

Plan Out Your Timing

The worse time for preparing your possessions for the long-distance movers is the last minute. We all know a move can be overwhelming, and that is why setting aside dedicated time to pack is so critical to your peace of mind and stress levels. Even if it is one box a day for a month before your trip, you will give yourself a serious cushion of time instead of tossing items nonchalantly into a poorly packed box that may break during the journey.

Consider Decluttering

Making a move with a great deal of distance is the perfect time to organize your items. You may want to create a few piles separated by necessities, maybes, items for sale, and donations. This gives you a good feeling by helping others who cannot use Frisco movers for a change, as well as putting a little extra cash in your money by both selling unnecessary items and using less space on a long-distance mover’s truck.

Label Everything!

Want the best trick to moving? Label every single box you pack. There is nothing more frustrating when you arrive at your new home and cannot find the pack of diapers, cat food, or toilet paper you need immediately. There are free iOS and Google Play apps where you can just put a big number on a box and then assign its contents in your smartphone that will really help cut down on logistics when you’re trying to settle into your new living space.

Pack Every Space

Another often overlooked pro packing tip is to use all your available space. If you have a bureau that you’re going to have to remove the drawers to move, why not pack those open spaces with your smaller necessities? This cuts down on truck space and condenses your items for faster pickup and delivery by Frisco movers.

Where to Get Started

If you’d like more expert tips and tricks for working with long-distance movers, give Step-By-Step a call. We have a team of experienced movers, drivers, and logistic staff ready to answer your questions and get you fully prepared for your next relocation. A simple phone call could save you valuable time, money and reduce your stress as your family prepares to enjoy a brand new home in a different part of the world.

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